Wrinkle treatment

Our skin is vulnerable to the mercy of time. It becomes thinner, wrinkled, dry and more sensitive by time. Even the best genes cannot stop this exorable aging process. This is due to a progressive decrease of so-called collagen and elastic fibers caused by quantitative and qualitative age-related decrease of self-production of these essential structural proteins. Consequently the reduced water binding capacity leads to loss of moisture content and elasticity of our skin promoting the development of wrinkles.

Our society is continually changing. With rising life expectancy people experience their higher age in good health and accordingly wish to look fresh and young. It is not surprising that people`s aesthetic demand on their self-perception is continually increasing due to our visually oriented society. In a time of capricious weather conditions, serious air pollution, changing lifestyles and nutritional habits the need for an intensive and balanced skin and beauty care is quite understandable and not at all an upper class privilege anymore.

Nowadays aesthetic medicine plays more and more an important role since it improves ones optical appearance as well as self-esteem and well-being.

The most used substances for the treatment of mimic wrinkles are Botox® and hyaluronic acid.


Botox® is a trade name in the narrow sense and is mostly used as a collective name for available botulinum toxin products in general.


Hyaluronic acid has emerged as miracle product concerning anti-aging procedures. It is an injectable, transparent, viscous and well-tolerated substance due its natural occurrence.